Velammal is synonymous with quality from KG to PG. To meet the growing academic challenges globally. Velammal Educational Trust (VET) at Chennai and Madurai along with veeramakali Memorial Welfare Trust (VMWT) & Ramana Educational Trust (RET) are determined to run the institutions under its tutelage, professionally, adopting all the modern advancements in academics and technology, to shape the individuals into truly global citizens with human values.

Vision statement

Our vision to provide a happy, caring and stimulus – rich learning environment where every pupil is guide and facilitated to become a wholesome personality with high principles and make his/here best contribution to the society.

Mission Statement

  1. Velammal Vidhyashram seeks to promote a safe, systematic, caring and supportive environment to every student.

  2. To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

  3. To nurture student community with high principles and values which make a well formed human being who values oneself and the views and actions of peer group.

  4. To develop and implement a curriculum that fosters experiential and explorative learning.

  5. To prepare every pupil to be consciouisly responsible, committed and contributing to the needs of the society.

  6. To foster each student’s self-esteem by positive relationships with students and staff.

  7. To encourage and involve our parents, teachers, and community members actively engaged in our students’ learning.

  8. To develop effective communication skills.

  9. To ensure maximum participation of students in the highest level of sports and games.

  10. To facilitate in acquiring life skills.

Our Philosophy

  1. Educational excellence through a nurturing environment.

  2. An atmosphere of open communication

  3. Fostering life long learning

  4. Holistic development of pupils through the education of body, mind and soul.

  5. Learning through enquiry and exploration

  6. Making learning effortless, joyful and effective

  7. Differentiated learning styles

  8. Integration of technology in education.

  9. Respecting and appreciating social and cultural differences.

  10. Every student is a teacher and every teacher is learner.