CO-SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES 2014-15 (For classes: III – VI)

Greetings from Velammal Vidhyashram ! Velammal believes in nurturing pride and building confidence in every student of this school. We will be beginning with Co-scholastic activities for this year as they play a major role in contributing to the team spirit and personal growth of every child. Inter and intra personal relationship and leadership skills are enhanced through these activities. Every student need to opt one each from 3A and 3B activities.

3A Activities 3B Activities
Literary club - English Cub & Bulbuls
Literary club -Tamil Scouts
Literary club - Hindi Guides
Eco Club Band
Math Club First Aid
Health & Wellness Club Yoga
Heritage Club Aerobics
Virtue Club SUPW(Socially useful productive work )
Financial Literary Club Gardening

After School Activities (ASA)

After School Activities (ASA) are activities that take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning. As such, they fall within the scope of the school curriculum. ASA take care of the students' different developmental needs such as their sense of moral values and attitudes, skills and creativity. Through their participation in ASA, students can learn to communicate, to co-operate with other people and in addition to enrich their life experience. If students are given the opportunities to organise ASA, they will gain first-hand experience of programme planning and leadership, thus enabling themselves to discover and develop their potential.

Academic subjects and extra-curricular activities complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. These activities help to develop the whole student.

S.NO Activity Course Outline
1 Yoga All kind of physical asanas, breathing exercise, meditation, pranayama, rythmic asanas, artistic asanas and all advanced asanas, rope yoga, skating yoga, mulcow yoga etc.
2 Karate Basic Skills, Punching, Blocking, kicking, Sparing, Katash.
3 Chess Basic rules & regulations, Board introduction,coins introduction Movements of the coins),Combination of Middle game, Ending Game etc.
4 Shuttle
5 Table Tennis Introduction of the Game, Fundamental skills, Services Training, Weight training, Rules & regulations, Game
6 Silambam
7 Classical Dance To coordinate different parts of the body like - hands, eyes, fingers, feet etc. To introduce with the classical and regional styles of dance. to provide complete awareness of one's own body,to express a natural way of human feelings and expressions,to improve concentration, mental alertness,aesthetic sensitivity among children
8 Western Dance Introduction of Hip Hop, Exercise like:Rolling, jumping, moving,shoulders. Footwork, Floor steps, Beat knowledge. Free style combination of steps on a block of music,Exercise for flexibility, Face expressions, Body expressions. Choreography on a song.
9 Music - Key Board Keyboard Chart, Basic symbols, major scale, minor scale, flat scale lesson, pattriotic songs, traditional songs.
10 Music-Drums Parts of Drums and basic lesson, note value, fingering method, foot exercise, hand exercise, one solo rythms.
11 Music-Violin Basic symbols, note value, fingering mehtod, saralivarisaigal, jandai varisai, gettham(song)
12 Music-Tabla Note value, no of counts, basic fingering practise, 4/4 exercise, 2/4 exercise, teen taal practise.
13 Music - Vocal Basic symbols, note value, sarali varisaigal, jandai varsaigal, geetham, patriotic songs and traditional songs.
14 Theatre Introduction to theatre, world theatre, theatre forms, history and growth of theatre, facial expressions, body language, voice expression, script writing, costume and property designing, stage management and team work. Mime Games.
15 Drawing Sculpturing, free hand drawing, Pencil sketching, Crayon finishing, Light and Shade, Simple scenories, Animals sketching, Etc, Competition drawing, Oil painting, Fabric Painting, Flower arrangement, Vegetable carving, Clay modeling, Doll making, Jute bag making .
16 Craft Sculpturing, free hand drawing, Pencil sketching, Crayon finishing, Light and Shade, Simple scenories, Animals sketching, Etc, Competition drawing, Oil painting, Fabric Painting, Flower arrangement, Vegetable carving, Clay modeling, Doll making, Jute bag making .
17 Robotics Fee includes the Robotics Kit. Building Robots, Assembling self designed robots,
18 Aero-Modelling Introduction, History of Aviation, Parts of an Airplane, Aviation careers, Gliderss, Competitions, Visit to the Air Museum, Science Museum, Introduction to Real Flight, Micro Helicopter flying demo, Airplane films.
19 Bunnies Greetings and salute, Motto and Prayer song, Formation and Symbol, Nature study, Bunny garden Play way activities.

Intra Class Competitions 2014-15  (Classes I - V)

1 6/6/2014 Story Telling (English/Tamil) Story Telling (English/Tamil/Hindi)
2 20/6/14 Essay Writing - My Favourite leader Essay Writing - My Favourite leader
3 27/6/14 Colouring Collage Work - My India
4 11/7/2014 Dictation - English (Family & Home related words) English Debate - Population is Strength or Weakness
5 18/7/14 Calligraphy (English/Tamil) Calligraphy (English/Tamil)
6 25/7/14 Blind Drawing Sudoko
7 22/8/14 Missing Letters Cross Word Puzzle
8 12/9/2014 Thirukural Recitation Thirukural Recitation
9 19/9/14 Drawing & Colouring Drawing & Colouring
10 17/10/14 Poem Recitaion Just A Minute
10 17/10/14 Poem Recitaion Just A Minute
11 24/10/14 Best Out of Waste Best Out of Waste
12 30/10/14 Pot Decoration Pot Decoration
13 7/11/2014 Quiz (Highest, Tallest & Biggest in the world) Book Review
14 14/11/14 2 Minutes of your choice 2 Minutes of your choice
15 21/11/14 Memory test Memory test
16 28/11/14 Myself - Speech Myself - Speech
17 12/12/2014 Solo song Solo song
18 19/12/14 Dictation - English (School & Education related words) Vegetable Carving
19 2/1/2015 Fancy Dress Quiz (Highest, Tallest & Biggest in the world)
20 9/1/2015 Clay modelling Clay modelling
20 9/1/2015 Clay modelling Clay modelling
21 23/1/15 My India - Essay writing My India - Essay writing
22 30/1/15 Mono Acting Mono Acting
22 6/2/2015 Mimicry Mimicry
23 6/2/2015 Mimicry Mimicry
24 13/2/15 Declamation (Speech by Great Personalities) Declamation (Speech by Great Personalities)
25 27/2/15 General Knowledge - Quiz General Knowledge
26 6/3/2015 Story Telling (English/Tamil) Poster Making
27 13/3/15 General Quiz (Abbreviation) General Quiz (Abbreviation)